2023-24 Preseason - Evaluations


All registered players for the 2023-24 season will be named on this page.


2023 - 2024 Player Evaluation and Team Selection Process

Please familiarize yourself with MEIFHA Policy #19.0 and all the information below.


If you are looking for Preseason Development schedules and groups click HERE.


  • Numbers are required for all participants, evaluations through balancing.
  • Pinnies (U11-U18)  and numbers (U9) will be at the check-in desk at your first session.
  • Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your session start time.
  • You will keep your pinny until your first team practice (U11-U18)
  • Numbers (U9) can be returned at the end of U9 Balancing.


Evaluation, Balancing and First Practices

Please follow the links below to find player lists. Most divisions will have multiple pages so please scroll through until you find your player's category of play. Final team rosters will appear at the bottom of age-division lists post initial team announcements.

ALL Age Division GROUPS

Schedules - Evaluations to Balancing to first practices (all updated Oct 5)

Please check team websites for schedules once teams are formed.

Groups Last Updated....


U7 First Practices

also posted on U7 page here

Oct 3

U9 Developing & Intermediate 

U9 Balancing Schedule

Oct 9

U11 AA to C

U11 AA Evaluations to C

Oct 9 9:36am

U13 AAA to C

U13 AAA Evaluations to C

Oct 8 9:41pm

U15 AAA to A

U15 AAA Evaluations to C

Oct 7 5:12pm

U18 AA to A

U18 AA Evaluations to A

Oct 8 11:02am


All Goaltender-specific Evaluations - Groups and Schedules


2023 Oct 6 Master Schedule   <---CLICK HERE

If you are able to volunteer to help chaperone dressing rooms, please contact your coordinators! Please note: although not technically required until December 1st, we prefer that our volunteers all have their CRC w/VSC. Contact our Risk Manager to inquire on your status: risk@metroeastinferno.ca
U7/U9 Bronwyn DesLauriers U9@metroeastinferno.ca
U11 Collen Mitchell U11@metroeastinferno.ca
U13 Scott Wadden U13@metroeastinferno.ca
U15 Dave MacNeil U15@metroeastinferno.ca
U18 Chris Cormier U18@metroeastinferno.ca
Vice President Hockey Operations Mike McLeod vphockey@metroeastinferno.ca
U9 Evaluation & Balancing
  • Players will be assigned numbers with safety pins (2 the same, one for the front and one for the back), provided at the first session (available at check-in anytime if you miss the first evaluation).
  • Each player will have 3 Evaluation sessions.  Your player will keep their number until after the final session. Each player is expected to arrive with this number in place for every session.
  • Please wear a plain jersey, 'non-special team' socks or jerseys, (ie:  no Spring teams).  At the last evaluation session, we'd appreciate it if you could please drop the numbers and pins in the bag (or box) as you exit so we can reuse them next season.
  • Players may be told to wear the WHITE side or the DARK side out (pinnies are reversible).  Players should bring their own DARK and WHITE jerseys to wear underneath their pinnies. NO YELLOW JERSEYS PLEASE!  Please note:  Players are not to wear any pant covers or 'special team' socks or jerseys, (ie:  no Spring teams).  Players will be provided with numbered pinnies distributed at check-in.  These will be a player's unique number throughout the evaluation process so it is very important they bring it to each and every session they are asked to attend.  Pinnies will be collected once teams have been assigned.  (There is a $25 fee for lost or unreturned pinnies).
  • Players/Goalies are expected to attend all of their assigned Evaluation sessions
  • Players/Goalies are expected to attend all of their assigned Evaluation sessions.
  • 'AAA' & 'AA' Player Evaluation consists of skills session(s) and intra-squad game(s) to determine 'AAA' & 'AA' team placement. Intra=squad 'Game 1' and 'Game 2' (etc.) lineups will be based upon scores from the 'Skills' sessions to divide the players into groups so all players are given an opportunity to compete. Players may be released following each intra-squad game.  
  • Released players will attend their next evaluation session at 'AA' (U13/U15) or 'A' (U11/U18), or 'C' (U11/U13). All notification will be made by way of our website. Once updated lists have been posted, an email will be sent to the membership containing a link to the Evaluations page.
  • 'A' & 'REC' level balancing consists of intra-squad games. Balancing is the process whereby players are evaluated so that multiple teams within a division are given equal opportunity to compete. Balancing is essential to ensure all players have similar experiences throughout the season. and will occur at any level with sufficient numbers and skill to warrant multiple teams within our association.

MEIFHA will strive to adhere to our policy of team selection announcements no later than noon the day following the final evaluation session. If unforeseen circumstances delay any team annoucemnt,(inclement weather, power outages, etc.), we will do our best to notify all involved of the delay along with the new expected announcement date.

Note: Balancing is the process whereby players are evaluated to enable all teams within the same division be given equal opportunity to compete. It may consist of practice(s) and/or intrasquad game(s).  Balancing is essential to ensure all players have similar experiences throughout the season and will occur at any level with sufficient numbers to warrant multiple teams within a division in our association. 

Important Reminders: 

  • The Player Evaluation and Team Selection process will be conducted by each Division's (U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18) Evaluation Team which will include MEIFHA Vice-President Hockey Operations, the MEIFHA Division Coordinator or acting Division Coordinator, Coaching Staff (if appointed) and Independent Evaluators.
  • The Player Evaluation and Team Selection process will afford players the chance to show their abilities in a number of situations. While skill is a premium, the ability to be competitive, play consistently, with hockey sense, and be effective in games is very important. Evaluators will use criteria adopted from Hockey Canada with consideration given to the variety of categories that are to be assessed. Players will be scored based on their performance on the ice and their respective Coaches for the Team/Category will have final decision on roster spots. The role of the Independent Evaluators is to assess the players impartially to assist MEIFHA in ensuring that everyone lands in an appropriate category of play for their ability.
  • Any inquiries during and/or after the Player Evaluations & Team Selections must be addressed to the MEIFHA Division Coordinators within (4) days of Team Selection. No Coach, Evaluator, Assistant or Executive member will entertain any concerns related to individual players. No phone calls or emails will be accepted until 24 hours have passed from the time of the placement posting or player release notification. Please respect our twenty-four (24) hour rule.