Risk Management - CRC and VSC


Criminal Record Checks (CRC)


Criminal Record Checks with Vunerable Sector (CRC/VSC)



Please see Coaching/Volunteer Requirements for what checks are required for your volunteer position.


Note sure what you have? Set up your HCR 3.0 account to view your qualifications.


Do I have a valid CRC and VSC? 

We can accept CRCs and VSCs that have been completed 6 months previous to the day.  So if today is October 15th, we will accept May 15th, 2023 til present. Please note that in November this expiry will move to June, 2023.

If you have completed a CRC and VSC for MEI (or HNS) in the past 3 years we will have this on record and your check is considered valid.


How do I obtain a CRC and VSC?


If you only require a CRC (Safety Reps) then you can create an account and request a check through mybackcheck.com. The CRC only option in mybackcheck will look like:  Applicant Paid-Canadian Criminal Record Check 


If you require a CRC and VSC (Coach/On-Ice Helper/Manager/Dressing Room Chaperone) then you will require an invitation from the Risk Management Coordinator (risk@metroeastinferno.ca). The CRC and VSC option in mybackcheck will look like: Applicant Paid-Canadian Criminal Record Check w Local Police Info


Please note: If you do the CRC and VSC at different times as you will be charged twice!


If you are getting the check done through your local RCMP there is a letter you can take with you from Hockey Nova Scotia requesting the Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector check to be completed, please click here.

I have a completed CRC and VSC, who should I give it to and how?


If you are sharing your checks from mybackcheck then select Metro East Inferno Female Hockey Club - Headquarters from the share dropdown.

If you have a physical copy then please contact the Risk Management Coordinator (risk@metroeastinferno.ca).


NOTE:  Do NOT share with HNS through mybackcheck as they will not be able to access it.


Also a reminder that when you have completed a CRC (and VSC), you can share it with various groups that you volunteer with.


Questions?  Contact Amanda Hall risk@metroeastinferno.ca