Registration Info - NEW to hockey/ MEIFHA


Last updated June 2023.





Volunteers & Players New to Hockey &/or Inferno

There are a few steps we need to take before you can register for the upcoming season, as a player and/or as a volunteer.



For those NEW to hockey or volunteering with hockey:

If you have NEVER played hockey or volunteered with hockey before, you will need to contact the registrar ( with the following information to have a Hockey Canada MEMBER PROFILE created:


Birth Date

Gender Identity: (boy/man, girl/woman, prefer not to say, not captured in these options, non-binary)

Birth Country


Identify as Indigenous: (yes/no/prefer not to say)

Primary Language 

Race and Ethnicity 

Address (residence or billet)

Move in year


Phone type: home/work/cell/office

This information is CONFIDENTIAL but required to create the profile. Once this step has been completed, the registrar will email you with your member profile information. This MEMBER PROFILE must then be LINKED to your HCR/SPORDLE ACCOUNT as per the instructions at the bottom of this page. Then, you are ready to register!


For those TRANSFERRING to MEIFHA from another hockey organization:

  • Players who are transferring to MEIFHA due to a move/change of address from outside of Hockey Nova Scotia, must complete and submit this form to the registrar: Parent Declaration form (click here).
  • Players transferring from one of our regional co-ed associations (Cole Harbour, Dartmouth, Eastern Shore and East Hants), must simply request a transfer by emailing the registrar. Please include HCR# and/or name and birth date. (For registrar: shared transfer by right of choice note coed to female).
  • Players wishing to transfer from another Female Hockey Association must follow the process on the following form: HNSFC_Player_Movement_Form (click here).   Application goes to their current home/member association for approval and then approval by the HNS Female Council before MEIFHA may initiate any transfer request. These transfers are valid for one season ONLY and will need to be reapplied for every year.
  • Volunteers must request a transfer via email to the registrar. Please include HCR# and/or name and birth date.

In all cases, a transfer request will be initiated by MEIFHA in the HCR and once approved, you will be advised by the registrar (


Have you created your HCR 3.0 Account yet?

HOCKEY CANADA HCR 3.0 - Getting set up in the new system


  1. Click LOGIN (top right corner)
  2. Next, click Sign Up (bottom right corner)
  3. Create your account
  4. Click the icon (top right corner, grey icon)
  5. Select MY ACCOUNT (drop down menu) to get to My Members page
  6. Click Link a Member to connect the profiles for players, coaches and volunteers in your family.
Please note: If you DO NOT SEE a Hockey Canada number, you have created an account but not yet LINKED your MEMBER PROFILES.
To link your player(s) profile to your login, as well if you are a volunteer or coach with an ehockey profile, by looking up the member name, choosing them and then selecting the relation to the member, (for example, parent or self). In doing this you are ready to register your player for the season once registration opens and if you are a volunteer/ coach, you are now ready to also sign up for any clinics and online courses.