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These original Metro East Inferno Legacy Jersey are for sale as is, on a first-to-contact basis.   Only those jerseys not used last season or previously damaged jerseys remain, as every player got to keep their jerseys last year..  Very few adult sizes were not in use, therefore we have very few for sale.  If it is not listed, it is not available.

Cost is $20 (cash, exact change please!) per home/away set.  The minimal funds raised from this will go into the MEIFHA jersey replacement fund.  Please note, one goalie 31 is a white jersey only, as noted below, cost is $10.

Due to the late jersey return post Spring lockdown, all name bars and A's and C's that were not properly removed, may still be on the jerseys.  I will try to note which ones these are as I look again at what we have left and do my best to update this list as sets are spoken for.  Jerseys will be removed from the list when they are picked up from me, so if it is not listed, I do not have it.

Thank you,


# Size Notes  Pending Pick-up
4 YM 1 Set  
7 YM 1 Set  
10 YM 1 Set Beth Golding
18 AS 1 Set - White has ironed on 'C' or remnants and blue may have remnants  
22 AS 1 Set  
31 Youth Goaltender 1 Set  
31 Youth Goaltender 1 Set  
31 Youth Goaltender 1 Set  
31 Adult Medium Goaltender 1 white only  
35 Youth Goaltender 1 Set