Registration Info - Preseason Development 2023-24


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*** Please note that Metro East Inferno offers Preseason Development in lieu of traditional Conditioning Camps.



MEIFHA Launches Preseason Development 2023

Four - six hours of on-ice development (subject to ice availability)
Dates: September 4th to October 1st, 2023 (LINK TO SCHEDULES)
Cost:  $100
Registration closes August 15th or as sessions fill



Metro East Inferno Female Hockey Association is pleased to offer Preseason Development Sessions for divisions U9 – U18 during the month of September.  These sessions will provide our players with the opportunity to get on the ice prior to the start of the regular season. Please note: All Preseason Development Sessions are OPTIONAL.


Options for Preseason Development Sessions and U13/U15 Evaluations:

Introducing a new initiative to provide alternatives for those who wish greater flexibility, and control of their hockey preseason. We hope these changes will provide a positive environment for players at both preseason development sessions and evaluations, as well as provide families with options during the busy fall season.  

  • Choose your Preseason Development Sessions
  • Players at U13 may now choose to join Evaluations at the AAA or AA/A level. 
  • Players at U15 may now choose to join Evaluations at the AAA or AA level. 

Check out more details and the potential scheduling template below to see what works best for your player! 

Players released from any evaluation process are intended to join the preseason development sessions block in progress
  • No additional cost to join these sessions
  • Less downtime before the next evaluation process begins 
NOTE: This will be subject to numbers and safety concerns. Please be patient as this is all new.  Announced by email July 2023, this process will NOT be possible due to numbers participating in the evaluation process.
Yours in hockey,
Metro East Inferno FHA Executive.



CHOOSE U15AAA & U18AA Hopefuls Preseason Development Sessions IF your player:

  • will participate in U15AAA or U18AA REP Player Evaluations
  • is keen to hit the ice early (~ September 4th start) with fellow Hopefuls before evaluations begin (~ September 15th).

Please Note: Preseason Development Sessions - Block 1 & Block 2 are not registration options for players participating in U15AAA or U18AA Evaluations

OR U9 to U18: Preseason Development Sessions (PDS) - BLOCK 1 IF your player:

  • is keen to hit the ice early (~ September 9th start), whether participating in REP evaluations or not.
  • will participate in 13AAA REP Player Evaluations or join U15 evaluations at the AA level (~ September 23rd start, following PDS - BLOCK 1).

Please Note: Preseason Development Sessions - Block 2 is not a registration option for players participating in U13AAA or U15AA Evaluations.

AND/OR U9 to U18: Preseason Development Sessions (PDS) - BLOCK 2 IF your player:

  • will participate in U11AA/A REP Player Evaluations or join U13 evaluations at the AA/A level (~ October 1st start).
  • isn't participating in any REP Player Evaluations this season, but wishes to get on the ice before regular season begins (U11C, U13 C, U15A, U18A).
  • chooses to add Block 2, continuing from Block 1
  • does not wish to participate in Block 1, chooses only Block 2 - totally up to you and your player!

Please note: PDS - BLOCK 2 start date U9, U11 & U18 ~ September 18th while U13 and U15 may be adjusted due to evaluation schedules in these divisions, but should start no later than ~ September 23rd.


Potential scheduling template for Preseason September 2023: 

PLEASE NOTE: All dates are approximate, subject to change while complying with HNS mandated start dates
  ~ September 4th - 14th

~ September 9th

Start dates for PDS - Block 2 will be adjusted depending on numbers participating in U13 AAA and U15 AA evaluations. Those released from evaluations will NOT join Preseason Development Sessions, in progress, as numbers DO NOT permit.

~ October 1st ~ October 8th - 15th
U7     U7 Practice/Balancing

Preseason Development Sessions


Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 2 U9 Practice/Balancing U9 NAMED
U11 AA U11AA/A Evaluations U11AA NAMED
C U11C Practice/Balancing U11C NAMED
U13 AAA U13AAA Evaluations


AA PDS - BLOCK 2 U13AA/A Evaluations U13AA NAMED
C U13C Practice/Balancing U13C NAMED
U15 AAA U15AAA Hopefuls Preseason Development Sessions

U15AAA Evaluations 

(start ~ Sept 15th)

U15AAA NAMED U15AAA Games Begin  
AA   PDS - BLOCK 1 U15AA Evaluations U15AA NAMED  
A PDS - BLOCK 2 U15A Practice/Balancing  U15A NAMED
U18 AA U18AA Hopefuls Preseason Development Sessions

U18AA Evaluations 

(start ~ Sept 15th)

A   PDS - BLOCK 1 PDS - BLOCK 2 U18A Practice/Balancing  U18A NAMED