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HNS Vaccination Policy & MEIFHA Volunteer Registration

Due to the impending implementation of the government's Proof of Vaccination policy on October 4th (see FAQ link below), MEIFHA is taking the initiative to try to simplify the process for our membership.  We are therefore asking ALL of our volunteers (all Coaches or prospective coaches, managers, treasurers, trainers, chaperones, evaluation helpers, executive members, team safety reps, etc. including  potential volunteers for the upcoming season, to take a moment to complete the  MEIFHA Volunteer Registration form (form link below).  The intention is to expedite the in-person vaccine validation process, by having a list of volunteers on hand, so we do not need to spend time collecting more information while we are at the rink.  
The actual validation of 'proof of vaccination' MUST be provided to the association IN PERSON , as per the NS government policy.  We cannot receive a scan, email or fax copy. We will not be maintaining any records of vaccinations - we will only be tracking whether or not the proof of vaccination has been verified.  Dates and locations for the in-person validation will follow soon.  
Please note, as per the NS government policy, there is no grace period for adults - you must be fully vaccinated to be approved October 4th (see Full Vaccination link below).  If you do not meet this criteria, you will not be approved until the date of your second dose plus 14 days for full efficacy. 
Please contact Melita Scott - MEIFHA Association Safety Rep with any questions or concerns.
Sep 24, 2021