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Have you created your Hockey Canada Registry 3.0 account yet?

Hockey Canada has integrated the Hockey Canada Registry and E-Hockey systems. 

What does this mean for you?
  • Logins for accounts in the old HCR and Ehockey systems no longer work
  • You will need to create a NEW ACCOUNT in the HCR 3.0.  Please do this ASAP so you are all set when registration opens!
  • All of your information will still be there when you create your new HCR 3.0 account
  • You can link all of your player(s), coach(es) and volunteer(s) profiles to your new account
MEIFHA will be using the new HCR 3.0 for registration this season.  Our goal is to have online registration open for August 16th.  We ask for your patience as we are still learning the new HCR 3.0 system.  Registration Information will be coming out soon.  Please watch your INBOX and updates through our socials.
HOCKEY CANADA HCR 3.0 - Getting set up in the new system


  1. Click LOGIN (top right corner)
  2. Next, click Sign Up (bottom right corner)
  3. Create your account
  4. Click the icon (top right corner, grey icon)
  5. Select MY ACCOUNT (drop down menu) to get to My Members page
  6. Click Link a Member to add players, coaches and volunteers in your family.
To link your player(s) profile to your login, as well if you are a volunteer or coach with an ehockey profile, by looking up the member name, choosing them and then selecting the relation to the member, (for example, parent or self). In doing this you are ready to register your player for the season once registration opens and if you are a volunteer/ coach, you are now ready to also sign up for any clinics and online courses.

Link account and see qualifications
Aug 13, 2021