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Last updated June 7th, 2023. ALL INFORMATION is SUBJECT TO CHANGE according to regulations released by the HNS Female Council

NEW this season:

  • Players may be wait-listed during the registration process, as we monitor the number of players and projected teams per age division. Our intention is always to provide a place for everyone to play, but we also hope to find alternatives to more than 15 skaters per team. Register early!
  • A late fee of $75 will be applied to all U11 - U18 registrations after the August 15th deadline.
  • Options for Preseason Development Sessions and U13/U15 EvaluationsWe hope these changes will provide a positive environment for players at both preseason development sessions and evaluations as well as provide families with more flexibility during the busy fall season. Click HERE for detailed information and to see the potential schedule template for September 2023. 
  • New to MEIFHA this season? First -time hockey players, players and volunteers joining MEIFHA for the first time due to moves or transfer requests, please refer to the information HERE.



Metro East Inferno Female Hockey Association

2023 - 2024 Registration Information

Registration deadlines:

  • Preseason Development Sessions - August 15th, 2023 or when sessions fill.
  • REP Player Evaluations - August 15th, 2023.
  • ALL Registration will close as of August 15th, 2023. 
  • U18 Major Hopefuls not yet released, must contact vpadmin@metroeastinferno.ca to be eligible for MEIFHA U18AA evaluations. See note below by clicking HERE.

Late registrants may contact registrar@metroeastinferno.ca to be added to wait-lists.


Please read ALL information CAREFULLY. 

Registration for the upcoming season will be completed in the Hockey Canada Registry 3.0.  You can see the female regulations HERE.  You can find information about creating your new HCR 3.0 account at the bottom of this page.

Please note the female hockey evaluation (tryout) policy from 2021: "1.0 Regulation Female players choosing to play female hockey must attend the female tryout process from the beginning and will not be permitted to be part of both a minor tryout process and female tryout process at the same time. Exception U18 AAA Major - Female players who try out for U18 AAA Major Female will be permitted to be part of the Association female tryout process."

Goaltender Development Initiative: HALF-PRICE REGISTRATION* for ALL GOALTENDERS U11 - U18
During the 2022-23 season, MEIFHA introduced an exciting NEW pilot program. Recognizing that goaltenders are essential to the game of hockey, we wanted to ensure that we at Metro East Inferno cultivate, encourage and support these players in developing their skills. With the success of the program, we would like to continue to encourage ANY and ALL FEMALE  goaltenders within our region of Cole Harbour, Dartmouth, East Hants and Eastern Shore to come play FEMALE hockey with us in 2023-24!  Female players interested in exploring the position for the first time are also welcome to come try it out! 
    • *Evaluation and Preseason Development Session fees will not be discounted
    • All goaltenders will be responsible for their share of all team-related fees for the season
    • Goaltenders must agree to remain in the position until at least November 15th, at which time any who choose to play 'out' will be required to pay a pro-rated/adjusted registration fee set on a case by case basis.
    • Please note: Instalment fee of $25 is not included in the discount
    • Late registration fee of $75 will be applied after August 15th, 2023.
We also have some goaltender equipment available for use at the U9 and U11 levels. Please contact Scott Wadden meifha.U13@gmail.com for more information on goalie equipment.

What is the difference between RECreational (REC) and REPresentative (REP) hockey? 

Players can choose to go directly to RECreational C teams or may be assigned there following REPresentative evaluations. Click HERE to see a comparison of REC VS. REP hockey. 

MEIFHA plans on offering the following teams for the 2023 - 2024 season:
  • U7 - Introductory Program *NEW* if numbers support a team
  • U9 - Intermediate & Developing
  • U11 - REP 'AA' & 'A' - REC 'C'
  • U13 - REP 'AAA' & 'AA' & 'A' - REC 'C' *NEW* if numbers support a team
  • U15 - REP 'AAA' & 'AA' & 'A' note we do not plan to offer a U15 REC 'C' league team at this time
  • U18 - REP 'AA' & 'A'  - note we do not plan to offer a U18 REC 'C' league team at this time

When does my player need to register for/participate in Evaluations?

NO EVALUATIONS to play U7, U9, U11C, U13C, U15A or U18A:

  • U7 & U9 Development/Intermediate: no separate evaluations are held, possible balancing.
  • U11C & U13C (REC)no separate evaluations required, possible balancing.
  • U15A & U18A (REP), as long as we do not offer U15/U18C (REC): no separate evaluations required, possible balancing.

YES EVALUATIONS, if they'd like to be considered to play U11AA/A, U13AAA/AA/A, U15AAA/AA or U18AA:

  • U11AA & U11A (REP) Hopefuls: U11AA Evaluations required.
  • U13AAA (REP) Hopefuls: AAA Evaluations required.
  • U13AA & U13A (REP) Hopefuls: AA Evaluations required, AAA Evaluations optional.
  • U15AAA (REP) Hopefuls: AAA Evaluations required.
  • U15AA (REP) Hopefuls: AA Evaluations required, AAA Evaluations optional.
  • U18AA (REP) Hopefuls: AA Evaluations required.

Please note: All players wishing to be evaluated for REP hockey MUST SELECT EVALUATIONS DURING the REGISTRATION process and pay the additional fee to be guaranteed a spot in the process. See the proposed schedule template for September 2023 HERE.


What is the difference between Evaluations & Balancing?

'AAA' & 'AA' & 'A' Representative (REP) Player Evaluations may consist of skills session(s)/small area game(s)/intrasquad game(s)/practice(s) to determine 'AAA' & 'AA'  & 'A' REP team placement.  Please note the level of REP play differs for each age group.  Take note which REP teams are availablee for your player, referring to the chart above.  Players may choose not to participate in the REP evaluation process and be placed directly onto a recreational (REC) team, or 'A' level REP teams if no REC 'C' team is offered in a given age division, but may still be required to complete Balancing depending on the number of MEIFHA teams in any given season.  Please note:  For 2023-24 U15 & U18 players may choose to be placed directly on a 'A' team as no REC 'C' teams will be offered.

Balancing is the process whereby players are evaluated to enable all teams within the same division be given equal opportunity to compete. It may consist of practice(s) and/or intrasquad game(s).  Balancing is essential to ensure all players have similar experiences throughout the season and will occur at any level with sufficient numbers to warrant multiple teams within a division in our association. 

Special Note for U18 Major Hopefuls:

If you are competing for a spot in the Maritime Major Female Hockey League (MMFHL) MEIFHA requests that you contact our VP Administration at vpadmin@metroeastinferno.ca to announce your U18 Major bid and to confirm your possible participation in the MEIFHA REP Evaluation process, no later than August 1st, 2023.  Once the U18 Major Team Selection Process has been completed, you must register with MEIFHA in order to proceed to MEIFHA REP Evaluations for U18 'AA.'  Players registering after the deadline, due to late release from the U18 Major process should contact vpadmin@metroeastinferno.ca before registering, if they wish to join Preseason Development Sessions.  This can only be accommodated if space permits. The deadline for U18 Major Hopefuls to register for the MEIFHA U18 'AA' REP Evaluation process will be one day following the final team announcement or **September 9th 2023: TBD - whichever comes first.

**Every effort will be made to hold U18AA Evaluations AFTER U18 Major teams are named.


Should my player register for Preseason Development?

Please click HERE to see detailed information about our optional Preseason Development Sessions and proposed schedule template for September 2023.



Please note:  ALL REP Evaluation and Preseason Development Session fees MUST be added to your original registration as NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCOMMODATED after the deadline. Preseason Development Session Registration will close before the deadline, if available spaces fill.  

Option #1:  FULL payment by CREDIT CARD ONLY through the HCR 3.0 at time of registration

If you MUST make other arrangements, please contact VP Finance vpfinance@metroeastinferno.ca

ONLY ONCE APPROVED, may you register and select OFFLINE PAYMENT

Option #2: Instalments by CREDIT CARD ONLY through the HCR 3.0 at time of registration

4 payments:  Initial Payment plus 3 instalment payments

Please note: Total fee increases by $25 when the instalments option is chosen.

Preseason Development Session & Evaluation fees are due IN FULL as part of your initial payment at time of registration.

Remember to apply any 50/50 credits when you register!

Late registration fee of $75 applies to all U11 to U18 after August 15th.

  Option #1:

Option #2:  4 Instalment Payments

Registration & Products Chosen:

Payment amounts will depend on the choices you make when registering

Total Amount (if paid in Full) Total Amount if paid by Installments (+ $25)

Total DUE at Registration

(Initial Payment)

Total Due 1st Instalment

Oct 1

Total Due 2nd Instalment

Nov 1

Total Due 3rd Instalment

Dec 1


U7 Registration

MEIFHA will not be offering Preseason for U7 at this time

$575 $600 $60 $180 $180 $180

U9 Registration ONLY

Introduction to U9 Hockey
$650 $675 $67.49 $206.55



U9 Registration PLUS Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 1 OR 2 $750 $775 $167.49
U9 Registration PLUS Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 1 AND 2
U11 to U18

U11 - U18 Registration ONLY

For players choosing not to be evaluated for REP AAA/AA/A teams, but placed directly on U11/U13 C, U15/U18 A team.

$850 $875 $87.49 $267.75



U11 - U18 Registration PLUS Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 1 OR BLOCK 2 

$950 $975 $187.49

U11 - U18 Registration PLUS  Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 1 AND 2


U11 - U18 Registration PLUS REP Evaluations

Participating in  player (REP) evaluations is required for ALL AAA/AA/A REP Hopefuls except U15 & U18 A, also not applicable for U11/U13 C REC Hockey.

(Note for U18 Major Hopefuls)

$950 $975 $187.49

U11 - U18 Registration PLUS  U15AAA or U18AA Hopefuls Preseason Development Sessions OR PDS - BLOCK 1 OR PDS - BLOCK 2 PLUS REP Evaluations  

$1050 $1075 $287.49

U11 & U13 Registration PLUS Preseason Development Sessions - BLOCK 1 AND BLOCK 2 PLUS REP Evaluations



U11 to U18 

U11 - U18 Registration - all scenarios as above for evaluations and preseason development session combinations, less 50% of registration fee $425 $450 $45 $137.70


Refund Policy - UNDERGOING REQUIRED UPDATES for 2023-24, subject to change

  **Please see MEIFHA Policies & Procedures Manual, Policy #4.0 for detailed registration and refund information**

Key points about fees: (subject to change as undergoing updates for 2023-24)

  • 10% multi-sibling discount available (3 players or more playing minor hockey. Discount is limited to 1 per family on registration fees only), and will be refunded back after the season begins. All members are to pay 100% upfront.
  • Instalment Plan incurs a $25 fee.
  • Any player U11 to U18 registering after the August 15th deadline, incurs a $75 late registration fee.
  • A Late Payment Fee will be applied if full Registration Fees are not received by December 15th (10% of balance owing).
  • Players with outstanding fees as of December 30th CANNOT PARTICIPATE in any practice, game, or any other MEIFHA sanctioned event, until the date full payment is received.
  • Refunds will be calculated based on # weeks played and subject to a $15 administration fee, as outlined in Policy #4.0(k)
  • No refunds will be given after 10 weeks of the season, except due to exceptional circumstances.
  • Refunds of Preseason Development Session and Evaluation fees due to reasonable circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Questions about fees?  

Contact VP Finance vpfinance@metroeastinferno.ca

Questions about Player Evaluation or Balancing?  

Contact VP Hockey Operations vphockey@metroeastinferno.ca

Questions about Registration? 

Contact Registrar registrar@metroeastinferno.ca


Financial Assistance:  

Metro East Inferno Female Hockey Association believes that all children should have the opportunity to participate in sport. If your child is interested in playing the game and you are in need of financial assistance, please click HERE.



To register for Preseason Development Sessions and Evaluations simply add the appropriate session(s) during the regular registration process.  Spaces will fill quickly and ADDITIONAL SESSIONS will absolutely NOT BE ADDED, so make sure you register early or you may miss out!

Click here to Register

Please follow this link and SUSCRIBE to MEIFHA email in order to receive communication - it takes time to update registration email lists in GrayJay.



Have you created your HCR 3.0 Account yet?

HOCKEY CANADA HCR 3.0 - Getting set up in the new system


  1. Click LOGIN (top right corner)
  2. Next, click Sign Up (bottom right corner)
  3. Create your account
  4. Click the icon (top right corner, grey icon)
  5. Select MY ACCOUNT (drop down menu) to get to My Members page
  6. Click Link a Member to add players, coaches and volunteers in your family.
Please note: If you DO NOT SEE a Hockey Canada number, you have created an account but not yet LINKED your MEMBER PROFILE.
To link your player(s) profile to your login, as well if you are a volunteer or coach with an ehockey profile, by looking up the member name, choosing them and then selecting the relation to the member, (for example, parent or self). In doing this you are ready to register your player for the season once registration opens and if you are a volunteer/ coach, you are now ready to also sign up for any clinics and online courses.

Link account and see qualifications