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This page has now been updated for the 2021 - 2022 season, however the procedure for Exhibition & Travel permits is subject to change and there are still some unkown procedures around electronic scoring to be updated as we start using this new technology.


Hockey Canada has retired ehockey and moved to HCR 3.0.  You must create a new Spordle account and LINK YOURSELF as well as your player(s).  All procedures for the HCR are being updated as we receive new information. HCR ACCOUNT HELP

  • Having trouble creating an HCR 3.0 account? No existing volunteer/player profile and need one created? Please contact Casha Cruickshank ( Provide, name, birth date, address and phone number. Thank you - Casha.



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Permits-----Please note: the new HCR is not yet set-up for permits so click PERMIT REQUESTS and follow the instructions given.

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Team Rosters 

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Coach & Managers’ Reference
Getting Started:

Choose a Team Manager:  

The Team Manager is selected by the Coach based on experience, leadership ability and fit with the coaching team and the parent group.  The Manager works with the coaches to appoint parents to other positions such as team Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator, etc.. The Manager is the first person any team parent approaches with any team or player concerns. The Manager will then communicate those concerns to the coaching staff. Parents should not contact the coaches directly regarding team concerns, unless the safety of players is at stake.

    • Review the Coach/Manager Duties & Responsibilities & the MEIFHA Policies & Procedures  posted on MEIFHA GrayJay©
    • Ensure you have an HCR 3.0 account.  Linking yourself as a member is the first step to seeing your qualifacations. You will need this to acquire Travel & Exhibiton permits in the new HCR 3.0 once it is all set up. Please note, your official roster must be complete in order to obtain access to permits in the HCR. Please note, until the new HCR is set-up or permits, click PERMIT REQUESTS and follow the instructions given.
    • Email to get your username and password to access your team GrayJay site.
    • Submit your Hockey ID, birth date and your desired published contact info for all team staff to be rostered officially with Hockey NS.  AND
    • Request your email be added to the Ice Distribution list:
    • Work with your coaching staff to find a Treasurer.
    • Set-up a team bank account
    • How to email your team from GrayJay - information pending
    • Upload your roster to GrayJay

Team Staff Meeting (Coaches, Manager & Treasurer):

    • Discuss tournament intentions & desire for extra practice ice or gym time
    • Discuss team equipment requirements (coaching supplies, first-aid kit (Who will have this at the rink for every practice or game?), etc..
    • Develop an Emergency Action Plan
    • Devise a communication plan with coaches & parents (typically email addresses, perhaps a Team Management App such Team Snap, Team App, etc.)
    • Rough out a budget (MEIFHA Budget Template & Policy #20.0 )
    • Determine the parental contribution required
    • Discuss Team Rules & Expectations
    • Discuss team clothing requirements (socks/name bars/ team apparel expectations)
    • Schedule & plan the agenda for the Team Meeting

Team Meeting (All Team Staff & Parents):

    • Establish Team Rules & Expectations
    • Initiate the Team Communication Plan
    • Provide a team contact list to parents (with their approval) or include info in your App, if you choose to use one
    • Discuss & Approve Tournament & extra practice plans. PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT book hotels for Provincial Tournaments. HNS is booking rooms for all qualifying teams, so individual bookings interfere with this process. Thank you from HNS and the Female Council.
    • Discuss & Approve the Team Budget
    • Discuss & Approve Fundraising plans.  Please see Policy #20.0 of the MEIFHA Policy & Procedures Manuel.

Collect Forms & Parental Contributions:

    • Seed money (parental contribution)
    • Jersey Deposit Cheques of $100 to MEIHFA, Dated April 30th of the following year.  Contact our equipment manager at to arrange jersey pick-up. 

      Don't forget to email in your player roster once jerseys are assigned!

    • Hockey Canada Medical History/Parent Consent Forms These are kept in your Manager's Binder, at the rink, available at all times
    • Fair Play Contracts (player/parent/coach) Please note we are now using a new online form for this. Manager's will need to request to be added to this shared google spreadsheet by contacting

And seek other volunteers such as:

    • Apparel Coordinator (short-term, start of season only, may not be required due to online store)
    • Female Dressing Room Chaperones or Den Mothers (the more the merrier)
    • Fundraising Coordinator
    • Ice Coordinator - See Procedures for Selling Ice 2021
    • Jersey Carriers - MEIFHA recemmends two, Manager arranges jersey pick-up and return Jersey Return Checklist . It should be clearly communicated to all team members that jerseys are to be washed regularly and HUNG TO DRY as the dryer will remove the name bar letters and may melt bars onto the jersey which will forfeit deposit cheques.
    • Seamstress/ Volunteer for sewing on name & sponsor bars, 'C's & 'A's (loose zigzag or by hand only please) Quick View Jersey Care & Keeping
    • Team Safety Rep - HNS Safety Rep Training Module


      Hockey associations, leagues, programs and teams must assign an individual who will be the Safety Rep responsible for ensuring that all updated and relevant information is passed on to those within their hockey association, league, program, or team. The Safety Rep’s roles and responsibilities this season include but are not limited to:

• Educating your hockey association, league, program, or team on the guidelines outlined in Rebound Plan 2.0

• Educating your hockey association, league, program, or team about Nova Scotia’s Proof of Full Vaccination Policy (and related protocols)

• Working collaboratively with facilities to ensure that your hockey association, league, program, or team has an understanding about each facility’s unique protocols and guidelines

• Asking for consent and checking proof of vaccination for affected individuals taking part in HNS-sanctioned activities

• Ensuring that the vaccination verification is conducted for each Participant (player/spectator/parent) pursuent to the HNS Rebound Plan 2.0. All Team Safety Reps must also complete the Hockey Canada Planning a Safe Return to Hockey course.

Hockey Nova Scotia latest updates on Restrictions link

Important Procedures


Things to Know

Certification of Coaches and Volunteers:

Do I have a valid CRC and VSC?

    • CRCs and VSCs are acceptable to be shared with HNS if completed anytime within the last 6 months. CRC and VSC are valid for 3 years, once recorded in the HCR 3.0 (formerly ehockey) database, so check your profile.

How do I obtain a CRC and VSC?

    • CRC (applicable to Safety Reps only): Create an account and request a check through mybackcheck.
      • CRC ONLY option in mybackcheck:  Applicant Paid-Canadian Criminal Record Check 
    • CRC and VSC (coach/trainer/on-ice helper/manager/chaperone): Contact the Risk Management Coordinator ( request an invitation.
      • Please do not do both the CRC and VSC at different times as you will be charged twice.
      • CRC with VSC option in mybackcheck: Applicant Paid-Canadian Criminal Record Check w Local Police Info
    • For in-person checks at local RCMP offices, here is a letter from HNS requesting the CRC and VSC: Click here.

I have a completed CRC and VSC, who should I give it to and how?

    • Sharing checks from mybackcheck: SHARE DROPDOWN: Metro East Inferno Female Hockey Club - Headquarters
    • Physical copy: Contact Risk Management Coordinator (
      • NOTE:  Do NOT share with HNS through mybackcheck as they will not be able to access it.
      • Remember: Completed CRC (and VSC) can be shared with various groups that you volunteer with.

Questions?  Contact MEIFHA Risk Management Coordinator Patti Townsend

Coaching Staff Role Definitions:
  • Parent Helper: Someone who is listed on the official team roster and is used for assistance with the Two Deep Policy in the dressing room before and after games. Parent Helpers require the Respect in Sport program and a Criminal Record Check (with the Vulnerable Sector Check)
  • On-Ice Volunteer: Someone who only assists on-ice during practices. These people require all the same qualifications as any other coach on the team. It is recommended to list them as an assistant coach in case they are required on the bench at some time. Registered players that help with younger age groups on the ice can do so through our On-Ice Helper Policy. These players are not required to be on the team list of the team they help out with. However, they are not permitted on the bench during games.
  • Bench staff must be at least 16 years of age. To be on the bench, they would require Respect in Sport Coach Level and HU-Safety if required for the level they are on the bench.
  • Trainers: Trainers are not permitted on the ice for practice other than to tend to an injured player. Teams may list more than one (1) trainer although only one (1) trainer is permitted on the bench in any game.
Hosting Exhibition Games:
  • Managers assist coaching staff in arranging exhibition games
  • Arrangement of extra ice can be made through the MEIFHA Ice Coordinator  or directly with the rinks
  • Apply for Exhibition Game Permits through HCR 3.0 (not yet ready), ensure the permit number is written on the game sheet or entered in the electronic game sheet. Please note: Until the HCR is set-up for permits, you must click here: PERMIT REQUESTS and follow the instructions.
  • Book officials (Referee, Linesmen & Timekeeper) for HOME exhibition games.  Contact Referee in Chief Pete Boutin  (Minimum 1 week notice required)
  • Have cash ready to pay the officials and timekeepers.  Peter will advise you of costs.  HNS Officiating Rates (not yet published for 2020-21)
Injuries & Emergencies:
Official Team Rosters:
  • All Manager(s), Treasurer, Coaches, On-Ice Helpers, Safety Reps & Den Mothers must be added to your official Team Roster by emailing the Registrar.  Please include HOCKEY CANADA ID NUMBERS whenever possible.  Volunteers & Coaches can find their Hockey ID numbers in their HCR 3.0 accounts. under their DASHBOARD.  Don't forget, new HCR accounts must be linked to oneself to view qualifications. See help links under coach/volunteer certifications above.
  • Submissions for rostering should be completed ASAP with a deadline of October 31st.
  • Obtain your newly updated Official Team Roster from the Registrar
  • Confirm that all coaches, volunteer staff & parents have their certifcation up to date and filed with HNS by December 1st, 2021 (including yourself)  
Rink Protocols (COVID-19)

Hockey Nova Scotia Recent Updates on Restrictions, but pleae note, the most up to date information available will always be found in email updates from your Team Safety Reps. 

  • A suspension during any game, contact immediately following the game
  • Include Division, Team Name, Game Time, Opposing Team and Location, (game number if you know it)
  • The MEIFHA Risk Management Coordinator will then advise you about how to proceed
  • HNS Code of Discipline 2021-22
Team Practice & Game Schedules
  • Maintain an updated practice/ exhibition/ tournament/ events schedule in your team MEIFHA GrayJay site (or delegate to your Website Administrator).  League games will populate automatically from the NSFHL website.
  • How to find my team GrayJay calendar and subscribe
  • Inform the Ice Scheduler of any league game conflicts, or necessary scheduling change, including which tournaments your team will be attending.
  • Obtain League Game Sheets from the VP Administration (There is a significant cost to game sheets so they are distributed on a limited basis).
  • Prepare Game Sheet Stickers and bring these to all games, HOME & AWAY.  Please note the template is for Excel. Fill out the top left section and it will automatically fill the others.  This template fits the Avery or Staples stickers: Shipping Labels 2 inch (5.08 cm) by 4 inch (10.16 cm)
  • Bring game sheets, with labels, to ALL HOME GAMES.  We will be using electronic scorekeeping with GrayJay.  Back-up game sheets should be brought just in case there's an issue and we will complete back-up sheets until ths system has been tested out a bit.  Some teams will only have access to the system through the NSFHL site (Quad County, Valley Wild, Fundy Highland, and Western Riptide) so this will be a learn-as-we-go season with the new electronic system.
  • GrayJay Leagues Timekeeper Guide
  • GrayJay Leagues Team Staff Guide
  • Provide properly completed game sheet to the on-ice officials at least five minutes before each home game - again, this should all be done in GrayJay.
  • Keep a copy of all completed game sheets - we should be able to upload all game results into the system even if we can't use it live which will take the place of:  Report game results of  all home games immediately after the game.
  • Game Scheduling & Forfetiture HNS Female cancellation Policy
  • Travel permits
Team Volunteer Role Descriptions & Duties


Female Dressing Room Chaperones as per Policy #16.0 - Dressing Room Supervision

  • Supervise players in the dressing room as outlined by Hockey Canada.  

“A lone personnel member should never be in the dressing room with players at any time, especially when players are showering or changing: two adults should be present together, this is called the “Two Deep Method” of supervision. Supervising personnel must be members of the team staff or adults who have completed either “Speak Out” or the “Respect In Sport” for volunteers and have submitted their record checks (CRC] to their MHA. Parents of all players should be made aware of the “Two Deep Method” and avoid letting their children into unsupervised dressing rooms.” 

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Develop a plan based on the approved team budget (Review MEIFHA Policy #20.0)
  • Coordinate approved fundraising activities with parents & players
  • Book an auction location early & apply for Lottery License(s) where applicable 
  • Seek sponsorship, if applicable
  • Coordinate & order Team Banner, if applicable
  • Coordinate with Team Apparel Coordinator to order Sponsor Bars, if applicable


  • Track all ice provided to the team by the league & the association, in a spreadsheet
  • Coordinate with the Manager & Coaches
  • Arrange the purchase, sale & return of extra ice to the ice scheduler or other venues
  • Familiarize yourself with the Procedures for Selling Ice 2021 
  • Ensure the Treasurer is informed of transactions/ required payments

 Jersey Carriers (Ideally, two, to lighten the load) Policy #23.0

  • Hang jerseys to dry after each game
  • Wash the jerseys as needed, hanging to dry
  • All jerseys must be taken to EVERY game, just in case
  • Whites are for Home games, Darks for Away
  • Refer to Quick view Jersey Care & Keeping

Apparel Coordinator liaises with the Team Apparel Provider    

  • Arrange sizing, orders & pick-ups of Name & Sponsor bars, practice jerseys, game socks, helmet stickers, tracksuits & other Team Apparel & Swag where applicable. With the online store, your team may not require this volunteer this season.

Team Safety Rep  *see above*

  • Health checks, new safety guidelines due to COVID-19.  ,

Tournament Coordinator - NSFHL Female Tournament Policy - MEIFHA Policy #11.0

  • Tournament Registration at Coaches direction, provide payment info to Treasurer
  • Official Team Roster required (contact our Registrar)
  • Submit Travel Permit request through HCR 3.0, upon approval, copy to Manager
  • Book accommodations & arrange team meals or enlist volunteers to assist with this 

Website Administrator

  • Updates & maintain the schedule and information on the team website(s)
  • Request MEIFHA GrayJay© admin access, include team name


2021 - 2022 Age Divisions:

Minor hockey age division chart for the

2021-22 Season

Birth Year Age on Dec 31, 2021 Age Division
up to 2015 *6 or under U7
2014 7 U9
2013 8
2012 9 U11
2011 10
2010 11 U13
2009 12
2008 13 U15
2007 14
2006 15 U18
2005 16
2004 17
2001-2002-2003 18-19-20 U21


2021 - 2022 Levels of Play

Levels of Play in Nova Scotia Female Hockey have been updated for the upcoming season

U11 - AA A C
U13 AAA AA - C
U15 AAA AA - C

*U18 Major Hockey League

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